SFS Package – Lifeguard Greens, Pure Plant Protein and Pure Omega Oil


Lifeguard Greens, Pure Plant Vanilla Protein and Pure Omega Fish Oil



Why incorporate a smoothie into your daily routine?  Smoothies are a cost efficient and effective way to create a nutrient dense meal, that is easily digested and absorbed.  They are a genius way to replace one of your less nutritious meals. The Superfood Smoothie Package adds a substantial amount of nutrients to your smoothie that your cells need to thrive including:  plant based proteins, omega oils with inflammation fighting properties of our patented tumeric, and super greens like chlorella, wheat and barley grass juices, spirulina, garden vegetables, pre & probiotics, and powerful herbs.  For under $5 a day, you can substantially increase the nutrients in your daily diet! REG PRICE $162.40