Superfood Store

Are you overwhelmed and confused by the never-ending barrage of supplements out there? Our superfood store contains a simple, yet powerful collection of what the body needs to thrive. We provide the highest quality, most bio-available and effective options for those supplements we feel are essential to optimal health with a high quality greens product being at the top of the list.


Wellness Coaching

Professional athletes get to the top of their game with the right coach. Is it such a crazy idea to hire a wellness consultant to offer guidance in this increasingly challenging game called optimal health? Fit 4 Maui’s holistic approach to total wellness combines those modalities necessary on a case by case basis to help you create a healthy lifestyle that is designed with your specific goals and needs at the center.


Lifeguard Greens

What if you could take a scoop of powder every day that supplied your body with super green juices, vitamins, antioxidants, organic vegetables, glucose balancing herbs & spices, organic fiber, pre & probiotics, , liver detoxification, brain health, AND anti-inflammatory support? What if it only cost around $1.50 a day?

Introducing Fit 4 Maui’s Lifeguard Greens – simply the most potent, pure, best tasting  broad spectrum green drink on the market.


At Fit 4 Maui, we believe in keeping it simple

We want to help our customers build powerful health from the inside out. Maui is a beautiful and inspiring place full of fit, healthy, and spiritually balanced people. Most people living here have adopted a healthy lifestyle that includes eating fresh healthy food, moving the body daily, observing and appreciating nature, and taking time each day to find peace and practice gratitude. This is our holistic approach to optimal health. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s very effective!

You don’t have to live in Maui to reap the benefits. It’s a state of mind and a way of life that works wherever you are based.

Live an active and healthy life all year round

 Why supplement your diet?

It’s nearly impossible to get all of the nutrients into our bodies that we need on a daily basis, especially with the SAD (standard American diet).

Even with the best diet of organic fruits, vegetables and organic dairy and meats and healthy fats, our cells will thrive with concentrated doses of high quality bio-available super food supplements.

Remember, it’s about absorption and most supplements in pill form are poorly absorbed. Save on your grocery bill AND feed your body something very powerful by simplifying your supplement stash and maximizing absorption. 

Please visit our store to see what we have to offer.

Extreme athletes are always looking for more energy

The most intense world class athletes know nutrition is the key. Fit 4 Maui was founded on Maui in 2006. We tested all of our products on top water athletes and and on ourselves before choosing what to place in our store. We now supply Super Food Meals to people all over the world who need daily effective fast nutrition. What are you waiting for? Why not enjoy the ride and enjoy optimal health? Come join our Ohana (family), get moving, get energized and start feeling your very best!